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"Ecological School" (begun in 1995)

First of the projects, named "Ecological school" (1995) continued the activity that "Erica" began from the very first steps of its existence and was devoted to the subject of ecological camps. It was aimed at creating the system of sessions on environmental problems to be held with the children, vacationing in summer camps. This goal reflected one of the directions, which was emphasized within the framework of the mission of "Erica". The project laid basis for developing the system approach on the part of the organization toward ecological enlightenment and ecological education. In addition to that, the project made possible to define the targeted groups such as students, teachers, parents, educators, as well as a strategy "Erica" follows: to influence the wide spectrum of social groups and structures and to involve them into the process of actions aimed at achieving the set goals. As a result of the fulfillment of this project we acquired the needed experience of interaction with the funds. The computer equipment that was provided by the funds allowed to set up connections with other participants of ecological movement. Those were the initial results that followed the execution of the project and contributed to the development of NGO. Within the framework of the project the children get necessary knowledge and skills to research the most pronounced ecological problems on their own; the teachers master new methods of forming ecological culture of schoolchildren, - which reflects the public significance of the project. At present this work finds further development on the base of a summer camp "Novocamp" where special ecological cessions for Russian as well as international groups are organized.  
  "Address service of ecological education" (begun in 1996) 

  The fulfillment of the second project - "Address service of ecological education", which was aimed at laying basis for independent functioning of regional service to effectively educate the population on environment related problems, - was the logical continuation of activity, carried out within the framework of mission of the organization, as well as of the development of organization itself. The beginning of functioning of such a service meant not only delivering the system of knowledge, but also realizing system approach in the work with targeted groups which these knowledge and concepts were delivered to,- principle of target oriented activity. Today the organization focuses its work on developing relations with the local population as well as with ecological NGOs of region. Erica carries out the functions of resource center for many ecological NGOs of Russia.

"Organizational development and management for NGO" (begun in autumn 1996)
The execution of the projects such as "Organizational development and management for ecological NGO" and "Consulting and educational help for NGO in Bryansk Region" completed the period of the development of "Erica" as a regional resource center for NGO. The first project in this direction allowed to gather different representatives of ecological NGO in Russia for a seminar and organize exchange of experience and teaching. The participants got an opportunity to analyze and discuss the achievements, define importance and a place for themselves in the ecological movement and think over the plans for the future. The second project "Consulting and educational help for NGO in Bryansk Region" (financed by the Institute "Open Society" in 1996-97) is aimed at securing development and functioning of public associations.
"Erica" became the regional center of support for those organizations, created the system of continuous teaching, and consulting for the active members. The center set up close contacts with more than 120 Bryansk NGO, among those are youth and children organizations, associations for veterans and woman, unions of sportsmen and disabled people, different professional organizations. This provides a wide opportunity to work with various parts of population. The library and the consulting stand works on the continuous basis to tackle the problems of development of the third sector.  
 "Wild herbs at home" (begun in 1997)

  The project "Wild herbs at home" was begun with the financial support of "Institute of Sustainable Communities" within the framework of the program ROLL. The goal of the project is to mobilize the population and administrative structures to safeguard the disappearing wild species of medicinal herbs and to secure moderate and comprehensive use of those for health purposes by the population. We carry out work with schools, garden associations and owners of country- cottages to grow medicinal herbs and improve health of children.
To sum up the results of the work the tear-off calendar (960 c.) with the description of the methods of cultivating medicinal herbs, the book "How to grow herbs on your own" (1,000 c.) have been published and distributed cost-free among the population. Regional authorities as well as local ones provided financial and moral support. 
In detail about the project "Wild herbs at home"