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Webmaster Maharych

         Guaranty for success in a work of any organization is the cohesion and professionalism of its team members. We put a great emphasis on achieving efficiency of such a teamwork. The team members of Erica are the professionals in different fields. The insightful leadership of Chairman of the Council Aleksey Chizhevsky and coordinator of projects Alexander Anischenko made possible the realization of many projects in various fields of activity. 
Aleksey Chizhevsky 
Chairman of Council of BRPO "Erica"
Candidate of pedagogical science, assistant Professor at Bryansk State Pedagogical University. The main direction of his scientific work is ecological education and ecological enlightenment. Initiator and experienced leader of BRPO "Erica"; united efforts of a great number of specialists in activity on development of civic society in the region.
Alexander Anischenko
Coordinator of projects
Graduated from physico-mathematical Faculty of Bryansk State I. G. Petrowsky Pedagogical University. Pedagogical tenure in the general educational institutions is 8 years. 11 years of experience as a director of "laboratory on development of audio-visual means of teaching" at the Institute for Improving Qualification of Educators. Coordinator of projects at BRPO "Erica" since 1996, director of the Center of Support for Public Associations.
Zinaida Lipowka
Higher economical education. 4 years as an accountant at public organization "Erica". Has a successful experience of work as an accountant in 6 projects, carried out within the framework of grant programs with ISAR, ISC and "Institute of Open Society". Since 1997 works as a consultant on accounting for NGO Center of Support for Public Associations at "Erica".
Vladimir Ogarkow
Producer and operator
 Graduated from Technological Faculty of Bryansk State Technical University. Since 1997 worked as a manager of public relations on 4 projects at BRPO "Erica" . Managed the department of building up a fund of video salons at "Erica".
Vasiliy Mityew  
Specialist on operating electronic and video equipment
Medium-level technical education. Graduated from moving-picture-video school on specialty: operation and production of documentary film. For 4 years works at video studio at BRPO 'Erica". Produced 7 video films.
Andrew Averchenkov
Leading program developer
Bachelor's degree of Bryansk State Technical University, student of 1st course for Master's Degree. Works at Erica for 1,5 years. Provides informational support to the projects, Program developer of ABD system. "I am a web master of this site. :)"
Dmitriy Tupich
Specialist on computer mounting of video films.
Student of 5th course of Bryansk State Technical University, works at Erica for 1 year.
Diana Stogowa
Coordinator on compiling methodological recommendations
Post-graduate student at Bryansk State Pedagogical University. Since 1998 has a successful experience of work on 3 projects at BRPO "Erica". Manages a department of developing methods of work with video materials, participates in experimental practice of those at the institutions of higher and secondary education.
Elena Schkumat
Developer and designer of information products
Higher technical education. Post-graduate student at Bryansk State Technical University, Laboratory of information system. Participant of the projects at "Erica".
Elena Nikolaenko 
Higher education: English philology. Post-graduate student at Bryansk State Pedagogical University. Participates in dubbing of video films.