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Our Videofilms
Wild herbs at home
1998, 12 minutes, studio "Erica"
The film shows the experience Bryansk Ecological organization "Erica" acquired, while working on the project, carrying the same name as the film. In our opinion, the most valuable assets, reflected in the film, are the ideas, connected not only with preserving biological variety of medicinal herbs (more than 20 species), securing health of a man in the conditions of acute ecological crisis, but also with involving wide layers of population, schoolchildren and youth into realization of the project.

On the way to the vermitechnology 1998, 21 minutes, studio "Erica" 
We are surrounded by the mountains of waste. The film offers the audience the way of utilizing a biological waste. Farmers now don't have an opportunity to apply to the soil sufficient quantity of organic as well as mineral fertilizers; this has something to do not only with economical side of the matter, but with ecological threat of excessive mineralization of soil. The way out from this situation is in applying vermitechnology.

Fall of leaves is a dangerous season 
1997, 14 minutes, studio "Erica"
What attracts attention of the professional ecological specialists - very often looks to the inhabitants as a small, insignificant and sometimes a non existent matter. The problem of burning fall leaves belongs to that kind of problems. Despite publications in special and popular-scientific literature and means of mass information the problem remains. It lives as a stereotype of behavior, stemming from illiterate ancestors. It's amazing, but a person on the threshold of XXI century persists in its silliness!

Water. Drinking water. 
1999, 10 minutes, studio "Erica"
In Russian Federation an extremely unhappy situation arose with a state of water resources; in the first place, with drinking water, threatening the health of population. The process of extracting and delivering quality drinking water to the population depends on the sources of water-supply, inculcation of new technologies of water delivery, the level of technical equipment of water-works.

Antinuclear public opinion of Don 
1999, 12 minutes, studio "Erica"
Nuclear energetics - the object of our national pride and instilling patriotism in several generations of youth. However, Chernobyl tragedy made us see in a new light the problems of deficit of electric energy and appraise them, first of all, from the standpoint of a safety of an environment. The film shows the activity of a number of non governmental organizations aimed at shaping public opinion in defense of the right of people to have a safe environment.

Atomic Electric Power Station - silent death 
1999, 17 minutes, studio "Erica"
447 Atomic energy reactors (potential Chernobyl) are working in the world. The Ministry of Atomic Energy insists on realization of many long-term projects to build new objects of atomic energy as well as reopen the old ones. The importance of the film is that it teaches to look at the situation in a complex way, no matter what side the audience finds itself on. It provides the audience with necessary information - only an informed person can make a choice, he can be proud of (not to feel sorry later on).

Catalysts of ecological initiatives 
1999, 15 minutes, studio "Erica"
Disappearance of biological variety, changing of climate, worsening of health and subversion of a genetic fund of the population of the Earth - are those signs, which could we track to, to see the regression of ecological situation. The film "Catalysts of ecological initiatives" shows all these problems in one focus. The conclusion is made that financing of projects and ecological enlightenment work with wide masses of public are Alpha and Omega of a revival of an environment.

ROLL - ecological partnership in action 
1998, 20 minutes, studio "Erica"
The film "ROLL - ecological partnership in action" tells about projects aimed at informing population about a special activity of funds, which finance projects on the territory of Russia, to carry out activity to preserve nature. The film describes the positive experience achieved by the recipients of grants in the field of ecological enlightenment work as well as in the field of ecological practice.

Water. Ways of improving quality of tap water.
2000, 10 minutes, studio "Erica" 
Water is a basis of life on the Earth. Neither plants, nor animals, nor man will be able to live without it. Water is in any living creature. Different parts of plants contain from 40% to 90% water, organism of fish contains 75% water, jellyfish - 99%. A body of a man consists 60% of water. For water to give us a healthy life, it must be clean, it must conform to certain standard of quality of tap water.

Ecological settlements
2000, 12 minutes, studio "Erica"
Since ancient times a man has always been a part of nature. But with development of civilization a man gradually began to lose those blood connections, which connected him with nature. A given film narrates about people who decided again to restore connection with nature. Interviews of specialists on a given theme are shown.

Assessment and management of ecological risk
2000, 10 minutes, studio "Erica"
In everyday life we run into dangers of various kind. Catastrophes, which consequently carry threat to a man as well as to environment, constantly emerge in a world. Does a possibility exist to forecast and assess an arising  risk? Opinions and interviews of specialists, cited in a film, show that the methods and instruments exist.

What shall we do with hard domestic waste?
2000, 10 minutes, studio "Erica"
We are surrounded by mountains of domestic waste. The issue of utilization of that becomes more an more urgent. The existing today methods of processing waste are far from perfect. A film shows different approaches and ways of solving this problem, which permits of no delay.

Education as a condition to solving ecological problems
1999, 15 minutes, studio "Erica"
The level of ecological education of a population is utmost low. Because of low ecological education and enlightenment a population does not comprehend, in a whole, an approaching ecological catastrophe, and remains indifferent to protecting environment. In this connection ecological education and enlightenment of a population gains exceptional significance. Many renowned Russian scientists participate in a film.

Dioxin threat
2000, 10 minutes, studio "Erica"
In Russia, as well as in the whole world dioxins are the results of work of plants of such industries as metallurgical, chemical, pulp and paper, and also military industry. On average, 2,5 kilogram dioxins get into air yearly. A renowned Russian scientist Leo Fedorow presents a thorough explanation on this problem..

Lead pollution and health of population
2000, 10 minutes, studio "Erica"
At present the main source of pollution of environment with substances containing lead is use of gasoline, containing ethyl. Therefore, the largest concentration of lead can be found in the air of atmosphere, green mass, plants and fruits alongside large highways. Scientists, participating in this film, offer steps to be undertaken to change an established situation.

What do we understand under sustainable development
2000, 10 minutes, studio "Erica"
Ability of environment, being exposed to influence of outer factors, to preserve its structure and functional peculiarities, has in the last decades gone down significantly. The conference of UNO, held in June 1992, on the problem of environment and development set a task to develop a strategy of sustainable, ecologically friendly economical development of civilization. Renowned Russian scientists express their opinions in regard to this conception in applying it toward Russia.